The most innovative laser eye surgery technology

The Visumax ReLEx SMILE® is the latest,, 4th generation of vision correction procedures.
It is a revolutionary, new technology that combines the advantages of existing laser vision correction procedures. This is the
most comfortable vision correction laser treatment in the world today.

With the Visumax ReLEx SMILE® treatment perfect vision can be achieved gently, with shorter regeneration time,
while the accidental temporary side effects, for example eye dryness, can be reduced to a minimum.

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FEMTO kezelés

FEMTO treatment
20 mm corneal flap

Visumax ReLEx SMILE

Visumax ReLEx SMILE
2 mm incision

The most gentle procedure:
no corneal flap

The Visumax ReLEx SMILE s the only procedure where it is
not necessary to form the flap that is generally the routine in case of
a FEMTO treatment
only a 22 mm incision is made. Owing to this,
it is more gentle to the cornea and the nerves in it.
The accuracy and the calculability are guaranteed by the high-tech
VisuMax laser produced by the German Carl Zeiss AG.

  • The fastest regeneration
    Of all the existing procedures, regeneration is the fastest
    after the Visumax ReLEx SMILE, as there is no need for
    significant healing on the treated area. It is perfect for those
    with a busy or sport lifestyle, and would like to active,
    ball games, cardio trainings, or extreme sports.
  • The most comfortable
    The Visumax ReLEx SMILE takes patients’ convenience
    to a higher level. Thanks to modern technology, it entails
    ess post-surgery action than FEMTO procedures,
    there are less check-ups, and there is no need for
    long eye-drop use either.
  • The shortest treatment time.
    With the help of the VISUMAX ReLEx SMILE the entire correction
    takes place with a Femtosecond laser. The lens abs the incision is
    done in a single treatment step which takes about 24 seconds
    – it corresponds to 5-6 breaths.
  • Pain-free treatment and recovery
    The patient does not feel pain during the treatments as the
    Visumax laser carries out the dioptre correction with the
    lowest possible intraocular pressure.
  • More people become eligible for treatment
    With the new VISUMAX ReLEx SMILE procedure those people
    may also become eligible for the vision correction laser treatment
    who until now have not been.

How does the VISUMAX ReLEx SMILE® work?

  • 1

    The laser separates a lens-shapes
    tissue inside the cornea, then
    makes a small incision (ca. 2-4 mm)
    on the surface of the cornea’s
    periphery, therefore the laser
    leaves the upper layers of the
    cornea intact. This procedure
    takes about 25-30 seconds.

  • 2

    The lens-shapes tissue is
    removed from the layers of
    the cornea, this way the cornea
    remains biomechanically stable.

  • 3

    With the removal of the lens
    the desired refractive correction
    is achieved, and the small
    incision heals in a few days.

Introductory price

Introductory price

Visumax ReLEx SMILE treatment based on wavefront measurement

List price

HUF 539 000/eye

Discounted price

HUF 487 000/eye

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The VISUMAX ReLEx SMILE®  treatment
can be carried out exclusively with the ZEISS VisuMax laser.

Who do we recommend it to?
We recommend our VISUMAX ReLEx SMILE® treatment
for those short-sighted patients wearing negative-dioptre
glasses, who

  • are older than 18
  • wear the same glasses for near and long sight
  • have the same dioptre for at least 1 year
  • are not expecting or breastfeeding a baby
  • who have no serious eye condition

The need to wear reading glasses cannot be corrected with the VISUMAX RelEx SMILE treatment




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