I apply for a free pre-operative examination
I apply for a free pre-operative examination
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Have a look at the joy of our patients about sharp vision directly after their surgery!

Be among those who choose the most experienced clinic in the country!

Incredible, I haven't felt anything!

Now I see how good it is, I will regret that I have kept postponing it until now.

I can see, I am happy.

Eagle-eyed people who have trusted us

Have a look at the reports of our eagle-eyed patients explaining why they have chosen laser
eye surgery and how they experience the freedom of sharp vision!

Muhari Krisztián lézeres szemkezelése
Bohemian Betyars

"Every day, I am discovering things I haven't seen before. Thank you for this lifetime experience :)"

Wynne-Hughes Veronika látásjavítás
Hungarian discoverer

"The whole intervention went on easily and quickly, I didn't feel any pain in the convalescence phase either."

Vásony Anna lézeres látásjavítása

"I cannot believe it! I am so happy! It is an extra that NASA also authorised this type of laser treatment to astronauts and TOP GUN fighter pilots."

Tatár Csilla lézereres szemműtét kezelésen esett át
Lead presenter

"The surgery took 2 minutes, maybe 3 minutes. I am absolutely satisfied and glad that I had my eyes corrected."

Rizsavi Tamás szemműtét

"My Eagle Eye treatment took place a week before yesterday. Before work, I went to a post-operative check where I was said that everything was fine and my eyes had been healing nicely."

Lábas Viktória lézeres látásjavítása
singer of the band 'Margaret Island'

"I can already see the back rows at the concerts"

Kembe Sorel lézerkezelés
Lead presenter, athlete

"I had the feeling as if I was dancing with a girl in a nightclub and when the light was switched on, I could see the one was dancing with."

Gombos Edina lézeres szemműtét
Lead presenter

"This is a professional company. My husband also had his eye operated here. My visual acuity also became 20/18."

Kiss Norbert Sasszemklinika lézeres szemműtét
Truck racer

"I feel myself much better every day, because I have a good vision without any trouble and anxiety!"

Lola lézeres szemműtét

"I was excited about a petty thing. I was very glad that I could undergo all this almost in the blink of en eye!"

Burján Csaba lézeres szemkezelés
Olympic and European Champion

"Sharp vision is important if you take up a speed of 50km/h. In particular, if you do that as a short-track speed skater, on edges of blade."

Simon Alexandra lézerkezelés
Fitness junkie

"I made calculations and found out that the price of the surgery corresponded to the price of my two pairs of glasses, plus my contact lenses and the liquid used for one year. In the long run, the price is absolutely reimbursed."

Ács Róbert - Carp-E lézeres szemkezelés
Singer of the band 'Children of Distance'

"The birth of my little daughter gave me the impetus to make the decision and to go there. Thanks to God, the outcome has been very successful."

Béli Ádám lézeres szemműtét
Lead presenter, actor

"When I entered the building and I was greeted at the reception, I already knew that I had made a good decision. The surgery was over in some seconds. Respecting the medical instructions, I can now proudly declare that I also look at the world with eagle eyes."

Baranyi József látásjavítás
Cross-bow World Champion

"When keeping my head, when I look into the foresight, I do not need to pay attention to squeeze some space for glasses."

Szakács Gergely lézeres szemműtét
Singer of the band 'Follow The Flow'

"Now, I am experiencing the greatest freedom after glasses and contact lenses. My life is easier every day."

Gönczi Gábor lézeres szemműtét kezelése
Lead presenter

"Whenever I open my eyes, it always comes to my mind that earlier I could not see all this."

Rubint Réka lézeres szemműtét
Personal trainer

"It is incredible that a vision correction can give you a lot of extras. My doctor performed the surgery on Tuesday and I could restart training already on Wednesday."

Storcz Botond lézerkezelés
Olympic Champion

"My treatment was in 2017 and since then I have been enjoying life without glasses. I recommend it to everyone."

Kovács Antal Sasszem lézeres szemműtét
Olympic and World Champion

"The feeling that you are independent and can see perfectly without any devices is priceless."

Aladár Laklóth laser eye surgery

"I had vision problems for a long time; one pair of glasses for seeing, another pair of glasses for reading, contact lenses for the stage, for doing sports... furthermore, it was difficult when one of them was not at hands."

Schobert Norbert lézerkezelés
Lifestyle Advisor

"My visual acuity is 20/12. This would be good enough even for a fighter pilot."

Be among those who experience the freedom of sharp vision and
apply for a discounted pre-operative examination!

I apply for a discounted pre-operative examination

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Sasszemklinika referencia

“l i v e y o u r d r e a m s It's been a week that I do not need to search for my glasses in the morning, I can see the clock after waking up. I can see the word with my own eyes, they do not becom...read more

Sasszemklinika referencia

"I've recently had my eye surgery. It was a laser vision correction surgery. Before my roommate recommended it, I had never thought that I would ever be able to have a good vision without glasses. ...read more

Sasszemklinika referencia

"My eye surgery took place 1 year ago, and since then I have been able to see perfectly without any accessories. It is still an incredible feeling. It was one of the best decisions of my life to ch...read more

Sasszemklinika referencia

"It feels like one of the best decisions of my life to have made this treatment."

Sasszemklinika referencia

"During the surgery, I could not feel really anything at all, I opted for the PRK NO-TOUCH procedure."

Sasszemklinika referencia

"It has only taken some months since the treatment, but I have already forgotten that I used to wear glasses. However, this limited lifesytle lasted for 10 years. It was better with contact lenses,...read more

Sasszemklinika referencia

"I had my eye surgery at the Eagle Eye Clinic 7 years ago. The staff convinced me already at the first appointment, and the subsequent examinations and the course of the operation further confirmed...read more

Sasszemklinika referencia

"The success of the surgery has given a lot of positive energy and self-confidence, and based on external feedback it is also visible on my radiance."

Sasszemklinika referencia

"Thanks to everyone who have supported me and thought about me in the last few days ☺️Some years ago I could not even dream of a day when my eyesight becomes perfect again without glasses or contac...read more

Sasszemklinika referencia

"As a fresh eagle-eyed person, I can only recommend the Eagle Eye Clinic to everyone. It was one of the best decisions of my life to choose them. Already at the pre-operative examination I had a lo...read more

Be among those who experience the freedom of sharp vision and
apply for a discounted pre-operative examination!

I apply for a discounted pre-operative examination

Eagle-eyed people who have relied on the experience of the largest laser clinic

The Eagle Eye Clinic provides its experience gained with more than 130.000 successful laser eye surgeries and the available most advanced medical technology to its patients.