I apply for a free pre-operative examination
I apply for a free pre-operative examination
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Why is Eagle Eye Clinic the most popular?

Today, 7 patients out of 10 choose the Eagle Eye Clinic.

The security of the largest number of treatments performed in the country

  • With more than 130.000 laser treatments carried out so far, we are the most experienced laser vision correction clinic in Hungary.
  • We have 26 years of experience.
  • We are exclusively specialised in laser vision correction treatments.
  • 99% of our new patients come though recommendations as one of their friends has already undergone an Eagle Eye Treatment.
  • We have the highest number of genuine references in the country. A number of well-known Hungarian personalities have been our patients: Réka Rubint, Norbert Schobert, Edina Gombos, Csilla Tatár, Botond Storcz, Csaba Burján Olympic athlete.
  • The Clinic’s staff has already performed hundreds of thousands of diagnostic evaluations, thus there is only a very slight chance that such individual responses or issues occur that we have not yet encountered.

High-tech lasers, measurement instruments

  • In our country, only the Eagle Eye clinic possesses the technology which allows to perform Eagle Eye laser treatments.
  • Most of our patients have a visual acuity as high as 125%, i.e. they have a better vision than they had before with glasses.
  • It is unique in our country that three different lasers are used in our operating theatre, therefore we are able to provide personalised solutions.
  • Our clinic is the only clinic in Hungary that performs laser treatments with one of the most up-to-date and fastest 7-dimensional eye tracking lasers made by Schwind.
  • We collaborate with the Laser Engineers of the German laser manufacturer Carl Zeiss Meditec. Semmelweis University of Medicine is one of our scientific partners.
  • We are partners with London Vision Clinic, a global leader in laser eye surgery.

World-class treatments only at our clinic!

  • We use the safest laser treatments.
  • In Hungary, the Eagle Eye Clinic was the first to perform no-touch laser treatments and currently, such treatments are performed only at a single location in Budapest, at the Eagle Eye Clinic. Read more about the Eagle Eye No-Touch one-step laser treatment.
  • In 2019, the Eagle Eye Clinic's novelty is the Eagle Eye FEMTO Smart treatment, which is available in Europe exclusively at our clinic after London. This is a laser treatment controlled by the most accurate measurement device in the world, which allows us to achieve a fantastic vision experience even in difficult vision conditions, e.g. in twilight or in gleaming light.

The largest and the most experienced medical team

Legnagyobb, legtapasztaltabb orvos csapat
  • In Hungary, our specialists have the greatest experience in the field of laser vision correction.
  • We have the largest team of specialists: 24 experienced ophthalmologists, 2 laser engineers, 1 optometrists and 12 ophthalmological assistants are working in our team and in our regional centres.
  • Our staff is eagle-eyed, including our Head Physician, Chief Assistant and the Head of the Clinic.
  • Our ophthalmologists regularly share their experiences in international refractive surgery conferences.
  • At the SHIOL Congress, Dr. Szilvia Molnár delivered a very successful presentation, an extract of which is available here.

6 kinds of personalised treatments for the best vision experience

  • On the basis of the pre-operative examination, out of the 6 different laser treatment we always recommend the one that allows us to achieve the best result with maximum security.
  • We use the safest laser treatments.
  • We draw up a personalised treatment plan for everybody and then we perform the laser eye surgery based on that plan.
  • Not only primary and secondary but also higher-order refractive errors are mapped using the most advanced techniques.
6 féle, személyre szabott kezelés a legjobb látásélményért

Medical guarantee, security

Orvosi garancia, biztonság
  • In Hungary, we were the first to offer medical guarantee for the surgeries.
  • We provide a 24/7 professional telephone hotline service.
  • We have a regional network for post-operative checks, therefore our patients have the opportunity to undergo post-operative checks also outside the capital.
  • We operate in line with the world’s most stringent health and safety requirements.
  • Our rules comply with the standards of the European Union and with the standards of the US-based FDA, the strictest medical authority of the world.
  • We are willing to invest time and money in continuously renewing, developing and regularly maintaining our laser systems and instrumentation.

Join the eagle-eyed club!

Do not compromise on your eyes! You deserve the best. Entrust your vision to Hungary’s largest laser clinic.
Join the eagle-eyed club!

Apply for a discounted pre-operative examination!

The price of pre-opretaive exam is HUF 35 000 below 40 age, HUF 45 000 above 40 age.
In case of online application the examination costs HUF 15 000 below age of 40, above 40 age it costs HUF 25 000. HUF 15 000 is included in the price of the treatment.

I apply!

What outcome can I expect after a laser eye surgery?
What to expect at the pre-operative examination?
What happens on the day of the treatment?
What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?
How safe is laser vision correction?
What kind of guarantee does the Eagle Eye Clinic offer?
Lézeres szemműtét után milyen eredményre számíthatok?

What outcome can I expect after a laser eye surgery?

Our special Eagle Eye Treatment (Sasszemkezelés®) is capable of correcting hidden refractive errors which cannot be eliminated neither with the best glasses, contact lenses, nor with the conventional laser devices. After a laser eye surgery called Eagle Eye Treatment (Sasszemkezelés®) (PRK, FEMTO Presbyopia treatment, NO-Touch), you may have a sharper vision you have ever had before with glasses, for the rest of your life.

Mi vár a sasszem lézeres szemműtét alkalmassági vizsgálatán?

What to expect at the pre-operative examination?

What to expect during the examination?

  • be prepared for a completely painless examination that takes 1.5-2 hours
  • the most important parts of your examination are carried out by two specialists independently
  • the refractive errors of your eyes will be measured with five different methods
  • the expected outcome of your treatment will be presented to you in a personalised Medical Guarantee Certificate
  • during the pre-operative examination, we will collect tens of thousands of data items that enable us to design the ideal treatment

How should you come to the examination?

  • As you will receive pupil-dilating drops (mydriatics), after the examination, your vision will be blurred for even up to an entire day, thus it is advisable to come with a companion and/or arrive by public transport
  • Please do not wear soft contact lenses for 4-5 days before the examination, semi-rigid and rigid lenses for at least 2 weeks in order to obtain accurate measurement results
  • Ladies are recommended not to use any make-up, especially mascara
  • You can eat and drink (non-alcoholic beverages) as usual before the examination
  • Bring your national health insurance card with you so that we can prescribe you the necessary drugs
  • Bring your previous eyesight reports and glasses with you

The pre-operative examination is discounted in case of online registration for people aged under 40 (in case of online application for patients above 40, it only costs HUF 20.000 instead of HUF 45.000). HUF 10 000 is included in the price of the treatment.

Mi történik a PRK kezelés, FEMTO kezelés napján?

What happens on the day of the treatment?

What to expect on the day of your surgery?

  • Prepare for a painless procedure which will take approximately 1.5-2 hours
  • In the preoperative care unit, you will receive sedative pills and anaesthetic eye drops
  • In the operating theatre, you will have nothing to do but to take up a comfortable position and to look ahead
  • The PRK treatment takes 2-3 minutes, while the FEMTO treatmenttakes 8-10 minutes
  • After the surgery, you will experience sharp vision immediately
  • You can leave immediately or after a short rest with your companion, if you wish

How to come to your laser eye surgery?

  • Bring a pair of sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection (your sunglasses’ ability to block UV rays can be verified at the clinic), or you can buy sunglasses from the clinic’s offer
  • You must not wear soft contact lenses for 4-5 days, semi-rigid and rigid lenses for at least 3-4 weeks before the treatment
  • Ask a friend to come and pick you up at the end of your surgery
  • Bring with you the guarantee certificate provided to you during the pre-operative examination
  • Eat as usual, however, avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine
  • Ladies must avoid make-up (especially waterproof make-up) and perfumes
  • Tell your physician about the drugs taken on the day of the surgery!
  • If you have not chosen upfront payment, please bring with you the documents necessary for the selected payment plan and/or your surety
Mire kell ügyelni a gyógyulás ideje alatt?

What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?

What are the most important medical instructions during the recovery time?

  • Have a rest after the treatment (for 1 day after a FEMTO eye surgery and 5-6 days after a PRK eye surgery)
  • Apply eye drops according to the instructions
  • Keep away from dusty places or places with cigarette smoke during the first month
  • Do not expose your eyes to water for a month (neither sauna, nor steam room is recommended)
  • Do not wear make-up on your eyes for 2 weeks after a PRK treatment and for 4 weeks after a FEMTO treatment
  • Do not rub your eyes during the months following the treatment
  • The use of tanning beds must be strictly avoided for 3-6 months
  • Outdoors, when the sun is shining, please wear sunglasses providing 100% protection from UV rays (for 2 months after a FEMTO laser eye surgery and for 6 months after a PRK laser eye surgery)
  • Please show up at the required post-operative checks
  • Should you have any questions, please call the Eagle Eye Clinic's 24/7 hotline at: +36 1 250 5505

Do you have to pay special attention to anything after the recovery?

After your recovery, you will not have to pay special attention to anything. Vaginal delivery is still possible after this treatment. All kinds of sports and physical effort can be done just like before. Antal Kovács (Olympic champion in judo), Botond Storcz (sprint canoeist) and Norbert Schobert (fitness guru) continued working out in the same way as they did prior to their laser eye surgery.

Mennyire biztonságos a lézeres látásjavítás?

How safe is laser vision correction?

The outcome of your laser eye surgery (PRK treatment FEMTO laser eye surgery, Presbyopia treatment)NO-Touch PRK treatment) will bring radical changes to your life. Anyone who has only been able to achieve a moderate visual acuity with thick glasses or contact lenses, now will have a perfect vision without any of these devices. All this may be achieved with a painless procedure.

  • A pre-operative examination provides the opportunity to exclude any factors that may negatively affect the outcome of your laser treatment
  • The screening is carried out with one of the world’s most advanced ophthalmic instruments and is based on the experience gained by our ophthalmologists during tens of thousands of examinations
  • Owing to the wavefront analysis, performed with an aberrometer (or ‘Eagle Eye Metre’, as nicknamed by our patients), hidden individual refractive errors can be precisely mapped, providing an excellent basis for designing safer, more accurate and personalised vision correction than in the case of conventional laser treatments
  • Since we are striving for maximum security, our Clinic does not undertake any laser treatments if we are not sure that we can achieve an optimal outcome. The Eagle Eye Clinic is the only clinic in Hungary where patients are treated with three high-tech laser instruments
  • As the Clinic’s staff has already performed hundreds of thousands of post-operative checks, it is hard to imagine individual reactions or problems which might be unknown to them
  • The scientific partners of the Eagle Eye Clinic include Semmelweis University of Medicine and London Vision Clinic, a global leader in laser eye surgery and is managed by Professor Dan Reinstein, inventor of the LBV presbyopia treatment
  • The world’s most stringent health and safety requirements are in place at the Eagle Eye Clinic
Milyen garanciát nyújt a Sasszemklinika lézeres szemműtét?

What kind of guarantee does the Eagle Eye Clinic offer?

Based on its professional experience of 26 years and more than 125.000 laser eye surgeries, the Eagle Eye Clinic is capable of predicting the expected outcome of a laser treatment with a very high degree of accuracy. After the pre-operative examination, you will experience the anticipated outcome (and you will also receive it in writing), provided that you react to the laser treatment as 99% of the patients.

But what if you fall into the remaining 1%? What if your cornea reacts abnormally to the treatment? What if the outcome is worse than what you had expected? Our guarantee applies to these cases. You do not even have to assume this 1% risk. If, after the laser treatment, the degree of your vision improvement is lower than what we had anticipated in writing, the guarantee will be applied. Here is a simple example: if your ophthalmologist had promised to improve your vision by 8 dioptres, but the final outcome is an improvement of only 7 dioptres, the Eagle Eye Clinic will repeat your laser treatment free of charge.

What do you have to do to become eagle-eyed?

Until 15th of May you will be entitled to a coupon of HUF 200,000 if you complete our online test! The coupon can be used for HUF 100,000
from the price of Sasszem FEMTO Smart treatment, HUF 35,000 from the price of sunglasses, HUF 20,000 discount from the price of the
pre-operative examination and HUF 45,000 from the price of the control package test. Complete the test now!

I apply!

Eagle-eyed people who have relied on the experience of the largest laser clinic

The Eagle Eye Clinic provides its experience gained with more than 130.000 successful laser eye surgeries and the available most advanced medical technology to its patients.