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Our Specialist Consultants

Anita Körpöly Chief Consultant – eagle-eyed
I have been working in Ophthalmology since 1997 and at the OPTIK-MED Eagle Eye Clinic since 2000. I became eagle-eyed 10 years ago. It feels good to share my own experiences. I have examined a countless number of patients, but still I can meet different and new people every day. I like hustle and bustle around me and to busy around; fortunately, I get all this at my work place.

Adrienn Annus
I have been working in Ophthalmology for 28 years and at the OPTIK-MED Eagle Eye Clinic since 2004. A have had the opportunity to follow a great deal of patients through the entire journey, including my brother and many of my friends, but I am still touched when I see them crying with happiness after their laser treatment. Later, I often hear from them: ‘This was one of the best decisions of my life.’ One can never get tired of these outbursts of joy.

Aliz Bencze – eagle-eyed
I have been working at the Eagle Eye Clinic since 2005. Many of my friends and I are also eagle-eyed. I often assist in the operating theatre. I encounter a lot of misbeliefs in my work. A lot of information circulates about laser treatments that is based on misbeliefs. This is why we love when patients dare ask questions and this way we are able to alleviate any unjustified fear. This is our mission: both clear and sharp vision.

Judit Holhos
I like to help people. I have carried out several pre-operative examinations, but also I often work at the desk located at the entrance of the operating theatre. Most patients cannot wait that the surgery starts, but some are shaking and trembling from the anxiety; they are so scared, although there is no reason to be afraid. After the surgery, however, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. Many young people ask: ‘Can I go party tonight?’. Well, rest is recommended on the first night.

Sylvia Keszthelyi – eagle-eyed
My vision was pretty bad, so I chose the Eagle Eye Clinic to resolve this problem. It worked. Later, I applied for a position at the Clinic, and they hired me. Today, I know already that neither the examination nor the treatment cause any discomfort, and they are absolutely painless. I gladly share my experience with the patients.

Márta Kiss – eagle-eyed
I have been working at the reception desk located in front of the operating theatre since 1997. I am eagle-eyed and so are many of my friends. My main task is to calm down patients waiting for a surgery. However, sometimes tranquilising words, my personal experience, professional arguments and even a Xanax are not enough. In this case, they ask: ‘Can I have more sedative pills?’, and their companions ask ‘Can we also get some?’. It is great to see their relieved smiles after the initial anxiety.

Andrea Nagy
There are not many jobs that give you as much sense of achievement on a daily basis as Eagle Eye Clinic. I only began to appreciate my good eyesight during the time spent here, especially when patients with severe myopia of -12 dioptres, after the treatment, exit the operating theatre merrily and cannot stop saying: ‘Thank you so much.’ It feels good to be part of a cohesive team and to work in a modern and refined environment.

Erika Pénzes
I graduated in Optometry. I kept prescribing glasses and contact lenses. I am well aware that not everybody’s visual acuity can be corrected to 20/20 with glasses. In the meantime, I silently kept up to date the innovations and rapid development of laser eye surgery. Thus, I gladly switched and came to work for Eagle Eye Clinic, since here patients may even achieve a better than average (20/20) visual acuity.

Annamária Reiner
I work in the pre-operative care unit. I administer anaesthetic eye drops for patients waiting for surgery. Some people are so excited that I have to accompany them to the operating theatre and hold their hands. At the end, they all come out with a relieved smile, because this really is a little nothing that takes only a few minutes. Then they usually say: ‘I should have done this earlier.’ For some time now, they can also hold Ede teddy bear during the treatment.

Eszter Schmidt
This is my first job. I like working here. The patients’ success stories recharge my batteries. I have been asked several times: ‘What kind of qualifications are needed for this job?’. It feels incredibly good when they remember my name, ask for me on the phone and thank my kindness. My husband is also eagle-eyed. It feels good that I have found my place both in my professional and private life.

Tünde Scholz
I have always wanted to work in health care and help people. Eagle Eye Clinic maximally enables me to do so. Advanced technology, expertise, the safest treatment methods and a cohesive team are all present here. I am glad that I can be an integral part of this. The fact that patients entrust their eyesight to us is a sign of great trust and an honour.

Anita Tomozi
I am the youngest member of the team. I have been working at the Eagle Eye Clinic for two years. I love that this job gives me a sense of achievement every single day. Of course, there is another side to the coin. It is not easy to console those who are not suitable candidates for a laser treatment. Some of them start crying with disappointment because they cannot become eagle-eyed. However, the tears of joy of those exiting the operating theatre and the smile of those coming for a post-operative check always compensate me for the negative experience.

Veronika Varga – eagle-eyed
Many years ago, I arrived to the Eagle Eye Clinic with -12 dioptres and 3 cylinders. I was attending a post-op visit when my consultant told me that were looking for a new employee and asked if I was interested in that opportunity because I had good interpersonal skills and had experienced the treatment myself. Later that day, I submitted my application, and to my great satisfaction I got the job. Since then, I have been working here – without glasses and contact lenses.

Who perform the examinations and eye surgeries?

‘The outcome of laser treatments depends on the technical conditions as well as the expertise and experience of physicians performing the treatment.’
Prof. Ulf Stenevi, former President of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

Prof. Dr. Zoltán Zsolt Nagy
Coordinator of the cooperation between OPTIK-MED and Semmelweis University of Medicine, Professor at Semmelweis University’s Department of Ophthalmology, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He was among the first to perform PRK surgeries in Hungary. For years, he has been representing Hungary in the International Society of Refractive Surgery. Several specialist periodicals have invited him to revise their articles. He is also regularly invited to speak at international congresses.

Dr. Árvay Anita Head of Clinic, Head Physician and General Director
14,000 pre-operative examinations
I have been working at OPTIK-MED since its foundation in 1997. I dare say that, together with the team of physicians under my management, we have had the opportunity to acquire all the ins and outs of laser vision correction. I remember that one of my first patients was a good-looking, strikingly kind young man, who then proposed to me. Soon we will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary together with our two sons.

Dr. Beáta Bálint
10,000 pre-operative examinations
I love my job because one can achieve precisely predictable outcomes and follow up on patients in laser eye surgery. Sometimes, several years after the surgery, I am contacted by former patients who seek advice on ophthalmological matters, for example, a style (hordeolum) has appeared on their son’s eyelid and they want to know which specialist or institution I recommend. It feels good to I am the first person who comes to their minds and they seek my advice.

Dr. Ilona Deák
9,000 pre-operative examinations
When I started to work for OPTIK-MED 15 years ago, I could hardly believe the achievements of laser surgery. Over the past 15 years, of course, I have received satisfactory answers to all my concerns. There are similar (sceptical and worried) patients who have to travel the same journey as I did back then. Then, their initial uncertainty is slowly replaced by the sure conviction: This was the right decision!

Dr. Orsolya Fekete
4,000 pre-operative examinations, 16,000 PRK and FEMTO (IntaLasik) treatments
I have recently bumped into a former university classmate. I could hardly recognise her: her colourless clothes, horn-rimmed glasses and ‘excuse me for living’ style have disappeared. She told me that she had undergone a laser eye treatment and met her husband, and since then she was seeing the world differently. It turned out that she had been treated at our clinic. Interestingly, she had come turned to the clinic on several occasions but we never met. However, I performed her husband’s eye surgery.

Dr. Orsolya Ispán
5,000 pre-operative examinations, 16,000 PRK treatments
A marksman is my most memorable patient. He was successful even before his laser treatment. It turned out that he wanted to become eagle-eyed to achieve even better results. I confess that I was a little worried, because the mere fact that someone has a better visual acuity does not necessarily make them a better shooter. Then one day he appeared at the clinic without an appointment and, bursting with pride, he showed me his World Championship medal, as the symbol of our mutual success.

Dr. Csilla Serfőző
4,000 pre-operative examinations, 7,000 PRK and FEMTO treatments
Many people not only need vision correction but also a ‘soul treatment’. This level of trust is an honour for us; without trust, I would not let anybody touch my eyes either. Recently, we were treating an elderly patient who right after the surgery asked if he was allowed to lift 15 kilograms on the same day. I knew immediately that he was talking about his grandchild. Since physical activity is not contraindicated after laser eye surgery, of course, we allowed him to do some ‘weight-lifting’.

Dr. Andrea Máté
10,000 pre-operative examinations
I remember a mentally handicapped patient who had a severe myopia. On the treatment day, he held on tightly to me all day long and squeezed my hands during the surgery. Finally, with bright eyes, he hugged me and started to kiss my cheeks. I will never forget his devotion and genuine bursts of joy. Out of all the patients, I was the most worried about him, wondering how he would react to such a big change in his life. He was incredibly happy, just like the rest of us.

Dr. Dr. Györgyi Munkácsi
8,000 pre-operative examinations
There was a highly myopic patient in his 50s who could only see blurry spots without glasses. After the laser treatment he said that he had not been aware that this world was so amazing and colourful. When such things happen, I also see the world even more in colour. My vocation is my life. I have worked in Germany and Austria too. My husband is also a physician, and one of our sons has also became an ophthalmologist. Perhaps one of my five grandchildren will also choose Ophthalmology.

Dr. Éva Sipos
10,000 pre-operative examinations
Once I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a lady who did not seem familiar at all. I thought she might have confused me with a colleague, but no. It turned out that earlier I had examined her son, I had noticed a small lesion on the fundus and referred him to the competent specialised institution. A Computed Tomography (CT) confirmed that he had a severe eye condition and he was operated in time. I got this bouquet for the early detection of his disease.

Dr. Andrea Ürge
4,000 pre-operative examinations
It is already quite customary for us that patients are satisfied with the outcome of their surgery. This is always a pleasure, but after a while it becomes natural. However, it gives us a great sense of achievement when a so far undetected disease is diagnosed. Most recently, for example, one of my patients was diagnosed with Bechterew’s disease, a very rare condition, and with the right treatment, all his aches and pains have disappeared.

Mihály Dió, Laser Engineer
Electrical Engineer, Clinical Engineer, Vocational Teacher of Health Care. He has been dealing with medical equipment for 30 years. He is a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers. Mr. Dió is Assistant Professor at Semmelweis University. He teaches Biophysics and the Basics of Biomedical Engineering. To cite his students: ‘He’s very awesome in any topics... His explanations are easy-to-understand, and one can see that he really loves what he does. And he even has a sense of humour.’

Csaba Szekrényesi, Laser Engineer
Electrical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer He teaches Biophysics, Basics of Biomedical Engineering as well as Health Care Information Systems at Semmelweis University. According to his students: ‘Despite his young age, he is extremely knowledgeable. I look up to him... He’s one of our big favourites. Together with Mihály Dió, they are a formidable duo... Finally an instructor who is blessed with some sense of humour :D’

What outcome can I expect after a laser eye surgery?
What is a pre-operative examination like?
What happens on the day of the treatment?
What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?
How safe is laser vision correction?
What sort of guarantee does OPTIK-MED offer?
What outcome can I expect after a laser eye surgery?

What outcome can I expect after a laser eye surgery?

With our special Eagle Eye Treatment (Sasszemkezelés®) even such hidden refractive errors can be corrected that not even the best glasses, contact lenses or conventional laser systems are capable of eliminating. After an Eagle Eye Treatment (Sasszemkezelés®) laser eye surgery (PRK, FEMTO Laser Blended Vision (presbyopia) treatment for people with reading glasses or NO-Touch PRK), you will have a sharper vision you’ve ever had before with eyeglasses, for the rest of your life.

What is a pre-operative examination like?

What is a pre-operative examination like?

What to expect during the examination?

  • be prepared for a completely painless examination that takes 1.5-2 hours
  • the most important tests are carried out by two experts independently
  • refractive errors are measured using five different methods
  • the expected outcome of your treatment is presented to you in a personalised Medical Guarantee Certificate
  • during the pre-operative examination, we collect tens of thousands of data that enable us to plan the ideal treatment

How should you come to the examination?

  • as you will receive pupil-dilating drops (mydriatics), after the examination, your vision will be blurred for even up to an entire day, thus it is advisable to come with a companion and/or arrive by public transport
  • you should not wear soft contact lenses for 4-5 days before the tests, semi-rigid and rigid lenses for at least 2 weeks in order to obtain accurate measurement results
  • ladies are recommended not to use any make-up, especially mascara
  • you can eat and drink (non-alcoholic beverages) as usual before the tests
  • bring your national health insurance card with you so that we can prescribe you the necessary drugs
  • bring your previous eyesight reports and glasses with you

In the case of online registration , the pre-operative examination is FREE OF CHARGE..

What happens on the day of the treatment?

What happens on the day of the treatment?

What to expect on the day of your surgery?

  • prepare for a painless procedure which will take approximately 1.5-2 hours
  • in the preoperative care unit, you will receive sedative pills and anaesthetic eye drops
  • in the operating theatre, have nothing to do but lay down in a comfortable position and look ahead
  • the treatment time is 2-3 minutes for PRK treatments and 8-10 minutes for FEMTO treatments
  • after surgery, you will be able to experience good vision immediately
  • at your discretion, you may leave immediately or after a short rest with your companion

How to come to your laser eye surgery?

  • Bring a pair of sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection (your sunglasses’ ability to block UV rays can be verified at the clinic), or you can buy a pair from the clinic’s offering
  • you should not wear soft contact lenses for 4-5 days before the procedure, while semi-rigid and rigid lenses for at least 2 weeks
  • ask a friend to come and pick you up at the end of your surgery
  • bring with you the guarantee certificate provided to you during the pre-operative examination
  • eat as usual, however, avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine
  • ladies should avoid wearing facial make-up (especially waterproof make-up) and perfumes
  • Tell your physician about the drugs taken on the day of the surgery!
  • If you have not chosen upfront payment, please bring with you the documents needed for the selected payment plan and/or your surety
What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?

What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?

What are the most important medical instructions during the recovery time?

  • Rest after treatment (for 1 day after a FEMTO laser eye surgery and 5-6 days after a PRK laser eye surgery)
  • Apply eye drops in line with the instructions
  • Keep away from places with dust or cigarette smoke for a month
  • Do not expose your eyes to water for a month (saunas and steam rooms are not recommended either)
  • Do not use make-up on your eyes for 2 weeks after a PRK treatment and 4 weeks after a FEMTO treatment
  • Do not rub your eyes for a few months after the treatment
  • The use of tanning beds must be strictly avoided for 3-6 months
  • Outdoors, when the sun is shining, wear sunglasses providing 100% protection from UVA rays (for 2 months after a FEMTO laser eye surgery and 6 months after a PRK laser eye surgery)
  • Attend the required post-operative checks
  • Should you have any questions, please call our 24/7 OPTIK-MED hotline at +36 1 250 5505

What to pay attention to after the recovery?

After your recovery, you will not have to pay attention to anything. Vaginal delivery is still possible after this treatment. All kinds of sports and exercises can be performed in the same way. Antal Kovács (Olympic champion in judo), Botond Storcz (sprint canoeist) and Norbert Schobert (fitness guru) continued working out in the same way as they did prior to their laser eye surgery.

How safe is laser vision correction?

How safe is laser vision correction?

The outcome of your laser eye surgery (PRK treatment FEMTO laser eye surgery, Laser Blended Vision (presbyopia) treatment for people with reading glasses)NO-Touch PRK) will change your life radically. Anyone who so far has only been able to achieve a moderate visual acuity wearing thick glasses or contact lenses, now will have a keen eyesight without any of these devices. All this with a painless procedure.

  • A pre-operative examination is an excellent opportunity to exclude any factors that may negatively affect your laser treatment's outcome
  • Evaluation and testing are carried out using the world’s most advanced ophthalmic devices and instruments and the experience gained by our ophthalmologists during tens of thousands of examinations
  • Owing to the wavefront analysis, carried out using an aberrometre (or ‘Eagle Eye Metre’, as nicknamed by our patients), hidden individual refractive errors can be precisely mapped, which is an excellent basis for planning safer, more accurate and personalised vision correction than in the case of traditional laser treatments
  • Since we are striving for maximum security, our Clinic does not undertake any laser treatments if we are not sure that we can achieve an optimal outcome. OPTIK-MED is the only clinic in Hungary where patients are treated using three high-tech laser systems
  • the Clinic’s staff has already performed hundreds of thousands of pre-operative examinations, thus there is only a very slight chance that such individual responses or issues occur that we have not yet encountered
  • Semmelweis University of Medicine and London Vision Clinic, which is in the forefront of laser eye surgery at a global level and is managed by Professor Dan Reinstein, inventor of the LBV presbyopia treatment, are scientific partners of OPTIK-MED
  • The world’s most stringent health and safety requirements are in place at the Eagle Eye Clinic
What sort of guarantee does OPTIK-MED offer?

What sort of guarantee does OPTIK-MED offer?

Owing to its 15 years of experience and the more than 85,000 laser eye surgeries carried out so far,OPTIK-MED Eagle Eye Clinic can predict with a very high degree of accuracy the expected outcome of a laser eye surgery. After the pre-operative examination, you can try the anticipated outcome (and you will also receive it in writing), provided that you will react to the laser treatment as 99% of the patients.

But what if you fall into the remaining 1%? What if your cornea reacts abnormally to the treatment? What if the outcome is worse than what you had expected? Our guarantee applies to these cases! You do not even have to assume this 1% risk! If, after the laser treatment, your vision improvement is less than what we had anticipated in writing, the guarantee will go into effect. Here is a simple example: If your ophthalmologist had promised to improve your vision by 8 dioptres, but the final outcome is an improvement of only 7 dioptres, OPTIK-MED will repeat your laser treatment free of charge.

What do I have to do to become eagle-eyed?

Apply for a free pre-operative examination. If you are a suitable candidate, a laser eye surgery can be performed at a time scheduled with you in advance

Apply for a free pre-operative examination!