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I apply for a free pre-operative examination
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Hungary’s only laser with a 5D eye tracking system has arrived

What benefits does Eagle Eye Clinic’s new high-tech German laser offer to you?

  • it is able to perform no-touch (blade-free) laser treatments
  • this laser features a 5D eye tracking system, which is not only capable of tracking the eye’s position in the vertical and horizontal planes, but also the rotation of the eye around its visual axis (cyclotorsion); this plays an important role primarily in treating patients with astigmatism. Learn more about the 5 dimensions of eye tracking
  • it can help patients get rid of their reading glasses
  • it has the smallest laser beam diameter and checks 1,050 times every second whether your eye position is ideal or not, which makes it the most precise laser
  • it has the shortest eye position determination time, so it can assess how laser beams should be controlled in the fastest possible way
  • due to its intelligent heat distribution function, it distributes laser beams on the cornea so as to warm up the cornea as little as possible and to allow time for it to cool down by the time the laser beams touch the same spot again, thus enabling the gentlest possible treatment
  • due to its dynamic intensity control function, it is capable of reducing the laser energy at the end of treatment in order to allow the treated area to cool down and enable the creation of an ultra smooth surface
  • it operates with a 500 Hz frequency, which makes it one of the fastest lasers, as it can emit the highest number of laser beams per second

Laser with 5D eye tracking system only at the Eagle Eye Clinic

Three high-tech lasers in one operating theatre only at the Eagle Eye Clinic

Did you know that, uniquely in Hungary, only the Eagle Eye Clinic’s operating theatre is equipped with three different high-tech lasers?

It is very important for us to recommend personalised laser vision correction solutions to our patients. To this end, we always carefully assess which laser device can provide the best visual acuity outcome depending on the patient’s specific refractive error. Therefore we constantly renew, develop and maintain our laser equipment.

Do not compromise on your eyes!

Entrust your vision to Hungary’s largest laser clinic.

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Three high-tech lasers in one operating theatre only at the Eagle Eye Clinic

Eagle-eyed people who have relied on the experience of the largest laser clinic

The Eagle Eye Clinic provides its experience gained with more than 130.000 successful laser eye surgeries and the available most advanced medical technology to its patients.