I apply for a free pre-operative examination
I apply for a free pre-operative examination
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Sasszemklinika is 3 times Magyar Brands awarded brand.

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! Klinikánk zavartalanul működik: kezeléseket, alkalmassági- és kontroll vizsgálatokat egyaránt végzünk! ! Ismerje meg biztonsági intézkedéseinket!
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Optik-Med Eagle Eye Clinic in the ‘Best Private Practice of the Year’ Contest

In 2016, the Eagle Eye Clinic WON the special award in the ‘BEST PRIVATE PRACTICE OF THE YEAR’ contest with 2,880 votes, out of 610 entrants. We ourselves did not expect such a double success.

The award was presented to Dr. Anita Árvay, our Head Physician and General Director, on 6 June 2016, in the Vörösmarty Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

We would like to thank all of our satisfied patients for their support!