I apply for a free pre-operative examination
I apply for a free pre-operative examination
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What to expect at the pre-operative examination?

What to expect at the pre-operative examination?

What to expect during the examination?

  • be prepared for a completely painless examination that takes 1.5-2 hours
  • the most important parts of your examination are carried out by two specialists independently
  • the refractive errors of your eyes will be measured with five different methods
  • the expected outcome of your treatment will be presented to you in a personalised Medical Guarantee Certificate
  • during the pre-operative examination, we will collect tens of thousands of data items that enable us to design the ideal treatment

How should you come to the examination?

  • As you will receive pupil-dilating drops (mydriatics), after the examination, your vision will be blurred for even up to an entire day, thus it is advisable to come with a companion and/or arrive by public transport
  • Please do not wear soft contact lenses for 4-5 days before the examination, semi-rigid and rigid lenses for at least 2 weeks in order to obtain accurate measurement results
  • Ladies are recommended not to use any make-up, especially mascara
  • You can eat and drink (non-alcoholic beverages) as usual before the examination
  • Bring your national health insurance card with you so that we can prescribe you the necessary drugs
  • Bring your previous eyesight reports and glasses with you

The pre-operative examination is FREE in case of online registration for people aged under 50 (in case of online application for patients above 50, it only costs HUF 10.000 instead of HUF 25.000).

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