I apply for a free pre-operative examination
I apply for a free pre-operative examination
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Who is not a candidate for laser eye surgery?

The following people are temporarily unsuitable for laser treatment

  • Those under 18 years of age, because the eye’s refractive properties may change usually until 18-20 years of age
  • Those with a changing (worsening) refractive error, i.e. when the patient notices that he/she needs a stronger and stronger prescription, because the treatment may only be performed if the vision prescription has been stable for minimum 1 year
  • Pregnant or nursing women, because hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding may change the eye’s refractive properties
  • Those taking certain special drugs because there are certain drugs that may affect the outcome of a laser eye surgery (including narcotics)

The following people are definitively unsuitable for laser treatment:

  • Those above 65 years of age, because after that age there is an increased risk of eye diseases
  • People with pacemakers, because the magnetic field generated by laser devices may interfere with the functioning of the pacemaker
  • Diabetic patients treated with insulin or having an unstable condition
  • People suffering from any autoimmune disease affecting the connective tissue
  • People suffering from various other eye diseases

Pre-operative examinations, which are performed using specific instrumentation, are aimed at excluding risks factors that may have an adverse impact on the optimal outcome. OPTIK-MED does not undertake the treatment if there is any factor that could substantially jeopardise the successful outcome of the procedure.

If you are above 65 or want to get rid of your cataract, our partner clinic Focus Medical, can provide you with a solution.

If you are under 18, we recommend you to contact Paediatric Ophthalmologist Dr. Csilla Serfőző: http://www.gyerekszemesz.hu/

Eagle-eyed people who have relied on the experience of the largest laser clinic

The Eagle Eye Clinic provides its experience gained with more than 130.000 successful laser eye surgeries and the available most advanced medical technology to its patients.