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Win back the price of your Eagle Eye Treatment up to HUF 297,000!

How can you participate in the ‘EAGLE-EYED WINNING DUO’ prize draw?

How can you win? Get to know more about it through Victoria’s story.

1. I became ‘eagle-eyed’. I got rid of my glasses. I can finally see!

2. I gladly told others about my surgery, and recommended it to all my friends who were wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

3. Based on my recommendation, one of my acquaintances also had an Eagle Eye Treatment.

4. Together, we took part in the EAGLE-EYED WINNING DUO prize draw – I as the recommender, and my acquaintance as the person recommended.

5. And we won! I got HUF 245,000 back, as I had undergone a FEMTO treatment, and my acquaintance HUF 139,000, as they had undergone a PRK treatment.

6. We have both continued to recommend the Eagle Eye Treatment to be able to play again and win together with others.

Play and win!

Patients who have had an Eagle Eye Treatment and based on whose recommendation another Eagle Eye Treatment is performed at the Clinic may participate in our EAGLE-EYED WINNING DUO prize draw. So you can play whenever someone becomes eagle-eyed based on your recommendation. Therefore, you may even win back the price of your treatment multiple times: HUF 139,000, HUF 245,000, HUF 270,000 or HUF 297,000, depending on the type of Eagle Eye Treatment you had undergone.

Ask the person recommended by you to download the below coupon, fill it out and place it in the collection box at the Eagle Eye Clinic! Important: They should do this on the day of their Eagle Eye Treatment. As only those who had their Eagle Eye Treatment in the previous month may participate in the prize draw held at the beginning of each month.

Win back the price of your Eagle Eye Treatment!

Draws every month

Draws are public! You may also attend draws at the Eagle Eye Clinic, on the first Friday of each month that falls on a working day.

Legyen Ön és ajánlottja a következő hónap nyerő párosa!

Take action so that you and your referral may be next month’s winning duo. Each month, winners are notified by phone or e-mail. Their names will be published on our website and our Facebook page.

Here you can read the names of all EAGLE-EYED WINNING DUOs.

Here you can download a description of the game and the game rules!

Take action so that you and the person recommended by you may be next month’s winning duo.

Download the coupon.

Download the coupon, fill it out and place it in the collection box located in the waiting room of Eagle Eye Clinic. This may be done both by the recommender and the person recommended.

Download the coupon, fill it out and place it in the collection box.

Should you have any questions, call us at +36 1 250 5505,
or send us an email at info[at]sasszemklinika[dot]hu

We wish you good luck!

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