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Winners of the ‘EAGLE-EYED WINNING DUO’ prize draw

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Draws take place on the first Friday of each month that falls on a working day.

Time of the draw Eagle-Eyed Winning Duos
2015.10.06. Nagy Benigna and Deák Adrienn Dóra
2015.12.04. Márkus Adrienn and Disznósi Dóra Vivien
2016.01.08. Rajz Eszter Éva and Hornai Márta
2016.02.05. Magyarics Katalin and Novák Ágnes
2016.03.04. Ostradecky Gabriella and Gere Márton
2016.04.01. Szabó Tamás and Horváthné Dahnis Ildikó
2016.05.06. Surányi Máté and Dolgos Tamás
2016.06.03. Horváth Gabriella and Bácskai Tímea Edina
2016.07.01. Varga Róbert and Varga Zoltán
2016.08.05. Artner Viktória and Artner Tímea
2016.09.02. Bede Orsolya and dr. Nádor Zoltán

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