I apply for a free pre-operative examination
I apply for a free pre-operative examination

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How safe is laser vision correction?

How safe is laser vision correction?

The outcome of your laser eye surgery (PRK treatment FEMTO laser eye surgery, Presbyopia treatment)NO-Touch PRK treatment) will bring radical changes to your life. Anyone who has only been able to achieve a moderate visual acuity with thick glasses or contact lenses, now will have a perfect vision without any of these devices. All this may be achieved with a painless procedure.

  • A pre-operative examination provides the opportunity to exclude any factors that may negatively affect the outcome of your laser treatment
  • The screening is carried out with one of the world’s most advanced ophthalmic instruments and is based on the experience gained by our ophthalmologists during tens of thousands of examinations
  • Owing to the wavefront analysis, performed with an aberrometer (or ‘Eagle Eye Metre’, as nicknamed by our patients), hidden individual refractive errors can be precisely mapped, providing an excellent basis for designing safer, more accurate and personalised vision correction than in the case of conventional laser treatments
  • Since we are striving for maximum security, our Clinic does not undertake any laser treatments if we are not sure that we can achieve an optimal outcome. The Eagle Eye Clinic is the only clinic in Hungary where patients are treated with three high-tech laser instruments
  • As the Clinic’s staff has already performed hundreds of thousands of post-operative checks, it is hard to imagine individual reactions or problems which might be unknown to them
  • The scientific partners of the Eagle Eye Clinic include Semmelweis University of Medicine and London Vision Clinic, a global leader in laser eye surgery and is managed by Professor Dan Reinstein, inventor of the LBV presbyopia treatment
  • The world’s most stringent health and safety requirements are in place at the Eagle Eye Clinic
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