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What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?

What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?

What are the most important medical instructions during the recovery time?

  • Have a rest after the treatment (for 1 day after a FEMTO eye surgery and 5-6 days after a PRK eye surgery)
  • Apply eye drops according to the instructions
  • Keep away from dusty places or places with cigarette smoke during the first month
  • Do not expose your eyes to water for a month (neither sauna, nor steam room is recommended)
  • Do not wear make-up on your eyes for 2 weeks after a PRK treatment and for 4 weeks after a FEMTO treatment
  • Do not rub your eyes during the months following the treatment
  • The use of tanning beds must be strictly avoided for 3-6 months
  • Outdoors, when the sun is shining, please wear sunglasses providing 100% protection from UV rays (for 2 months after a FEMTO laser eye surgery and for 6 months after a PRK laser eye surgery)
  • Please show up at the required post-operative checks
  • Should you have any questions, please call the Eagle Eye Clinic's 24/7 hotline at: +36 1 250 5505

Do you have to pay special attention to anything after the recovery?

After your recovery, you will not have to pay special attention to anything. Vaginal delivery is still possible after this treatment. All kinds of sports and physical effort can be done just like before. Antal Kovács (Olympic champion in judo), Botond Storcz (sprint canoeist) and Norbert Schobert (fitness guru) continued working out in the same way as they did prior to their laser eye surgery.

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